The Speakers

Mrinalini Venkatachalam


Topic: Domestic Abuse
Anna’s Horizon


Mrinalini Venkatachalam is a budding writer and activist involved in an initiative called “Help Anna”. She will be speaking about domestic abuse, what ‘Anna’ means, and the ways in which we can help any ‘Anna’s’ in our lives.”Mrinalini Venkatachalam coordinates and executes all Public Awareness activities and Youth Initiatives, and has experience of over 9 years in the non-profit world”. “Her priority is to generate awareness amongst the youth and public in Singapore on often neglected women’s issues, such the many roles of women in society, respect for migrant women in the house, the incidence of violence against women, trafficking of women and children and other issues that affect us all”

Oscar Carracedo


Topic: Architecture
Building New Horizons


Oscar Carracedo is an architect passionate about the reconstruction of slums into new, clean, and sustainable living areas. He can talk about the work that goes into building the physical foundation for the future generations

Peter Derby-Crook


Topic: The Future of Tanglin Trust School
Expanding Horizons


Peter Derby Crook is Tanglin Trust School’s CEO. It is, regrettably, his last year at Tanglin. During his time here, he has led the school to become one of the region’s best educational institutions. He can speak about what he believes is the future of education, and what lies ahead for Tanglin specifically.

Martin Ciupa


Topic: Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Horizons


Martin Ciupa is the Chief Technology Officer at calvIO Inc. (part of the Calvary Robotics group of companies) in Webster, New York. His work is helping to make Machine Learning systems that can program Smart Robots in an Industrial Automation setting (with little to no human programming.) Recently there has been much media speculation over questions like: will these AI/Robot systems rebel against their masters making an apocalyptic vision of the Terminator movies come about? Or, will they replace not just human factory worker but teachers and doctors – leaving humankind unemployed?” Martin uses his experience of Cybernetics, Artificial Intelligence, and Philosophy to answer some of these questions about our place in the likely real “artificial” future.

Mark Montgomery


Topic: Film Production
Projecting the Horizons


Mark is a sales and marketing communications specialist with expertise in film and television finance, production and distribution. With over twenty-five years experience in the film industry, Mark’s global network is extensive, and we are honored to have him present at this conference. 
In 2011, Mark co-founded Xeitgeist with international producer Jomon Thomas and the Academy Award-winning cinematography Dr. Jim Frazier. As the co-founder and Executive Producer at Xeitgeist, Mark’s latest films include THE MAN WHO KNEW INFINITY and DAMASCUS COVER.

Mark will be talking about what it means to coordinate and work on a project with people with different perspectives and many different skills, and how it is important to compromise, yet stay true to a vision in any life situation.

Ming Bridges


Topic: Body Image
Defying Horizons


Ming Bridges is a singer and songwriter who has suffered from hypothyroidism, it has believed to be stemmed from unrealistic body expectations that caused her battle with anorexia.

Ming is a notable Tanglin Alumni who will be speaking about society’s imposed image of beauty unto women. In the broader sense, she will be talking about going against society’s norms and defining what is best for the self.

Toby Ouvry


Topic: Meditation
Inner Horizons



Toby Ouvry is a contemporary meditation coach, who specialises in mindfulness and stress transformation. He is the founder of “Integral Meditation Asia” and for the past 18 years has mentored his growing community in consciousness development.

His speech will be focused on his meditation and steps for our own self journey. Whether this is  shaped by how we manage stress and in return deepening the quality in one’s life. Even though he was a Buddhist Monk within the Tibetan Tradition, his coaching practice emphasises on meditation, mental fitness and harmonizing the energies in our physical body.