The Speakers

Alan Stone

Alan Stone is Senior IT Director for Global Emerging Markets at Microsoft, where he strives to connect digital transformation with that of social transformation. At TED, he will be discussing the synergistic effect of digital and social transformation, especially detailing how advances in technology support progress around diversity and inclusion.

Dipa Swaminathan

Dipa is a lawyer and founder of It’s Raining Raincoats, an initiative that aims to show kindness to migrant workers here in Singapore by encouraging citizens to carry a raincoat and distribute it to migrant workers to ensure they’re properly kitted for wet weather. Over the past three years, about 8,000 raincoats and 5,000 water bottles have been distributed to migrant workers across the country. Because of this, It’s Raining Raincoats was named the ‘Kampong Spirit’ winner at last year’s President’s Volunteerism & Philanthropy Awards.

Emmanuel Paul Ng

Emmanuel is the Head of Partnerships & Development at Singapore Repertory Theatre. He firmly believes that the arts is core to the soul of a nation. Emmanuel and his team are dedicated to inspiring, enriching and engaging over 125,000 patrons annually with the magic of theatre.

Joanne Flinn

Joanne is a Co-Founder of the Change Leaders at the University of Oxford and HÈC Paris. Flinn also led the Financial Services Consulting Practice for PricewaterhouseCoopers in Thailand and been involved in IT Excos at banks, leading the human change of billion dollar contracts and more. She is a long time contributor to the Oxford Futures Forums as well as a TEDx Artist in Residence, Author, Business Woman and Artist. Joanne founded Project Wings PTE LTD who are presently focusing on a project titled: ‘Purple Elephants: The change that needs disrupting’. Fiercely passionate about gender equity, the visionaries at Wings on Equity believes it need not take 8 generations to close the gender pay gap and will talk about shortening the timeline to achieve gender equity in MEDCs.

Jordi Esparaza

Jordi Esparza is an Analytical Scientist and Developer who has worked in Singapore, the US and Europe, currently located in Singapore. Mr Esparza has a PhD in Philosophy and studied his Postdoctoral in immunology at Yale University and his Postdoctoral in Neuroscience at the University of Cambridge. Mr Esparza has greatly contributed to the development of the immunology field, as well as the manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals for infectious diseases including malaria and dengue. Mr Esparza’s main notable achievement in the field is his contribution to the development of the dengue vaccine, which is now entering commercialization life cycle.

Mitul Kotecha

Mitul Kotecha is the Senior Emerging Markets Strategist for TD Securities in Singapore. Mr Kotecha has an Honours Degree in Economics and a Masters Degree in Economic and Finance as he has been working in the financial industry for around 24 years in London, Hong Kong and Singapore. Mr Kotecha is a well experienced speaker and author and he has presented on a variety of platforms, including CNBC and Bloomberg TV as well as being quoted in multiple newspapers, such as The Financial Times and Wall Street Journal.