Bilal Saddick – Tanglin Trust School

The Future of PE: Play and Learn With Technology

Globally, researchers have begun to emphasise the importance of play in developing children’s cognitive, physical, social and emotional well-being. This research suggests that it takes over 400 repetitions of an action for our brain to create new connections known as synapses. However, if this action is conducted through initiated play, it only takes 10 to 20 repetitions, enabling us to generate new levels of understanding quickly. Learning through play is our superpower! But how do the children of 2022 play? We live in the age of technology, it seems that almost every month there is a new technology which can be leveraged to promote learning through play. Why not take advantage of this to help transform PE? Making it more engaging and meaningful and enabling our young learners to develop their superpowers better.


Try hard and you’ll make it. Never give up. Give as much effort as possible. These are all traits needed to reach a goal, and are incredibly important for achieving success. In order to achieve your goals, you must go beyond what you’re comfortable with. You must push yourself, and if you truly believe you can make it, you can do it. In my speech, I will be telling you about getting pushed out of your comfort zone, defining goals, and how to take this small first step towards the right direction.


Oftentimes, we assume someone’s interests, world view and more based on their gender. Help me take the first step in the right direction by breaking these stereotypes, and letting everyone express themselves!


Without positive action to remove the obstacles that women face in entering, staying, and flourishing in the workforce it will take 300 years to reach gender equality.

Who’s got time for that?


Political polarisation has gotten out of hand, and the consequences of that are being felt all around us. Through this polarisation, the ability to be centrist and delve further than just reading the label on the bottle has gotten lost; this talk will look at ways in which we can rectify this situation, as well as the positive consequences for you and your loved ones if a new wave of centrism was introduced into politics.


In 2017, a molecular biologist and musician called Dr Mark Temple created an algorithmic software to translate DNA sequences into sound using musical notes. He called this ‘DNA Sonification’ and developed it into an interactive website. The generated audio represents the process of making proteins. Sonification, combined with visual displays, could provide a unique method to analyse DNA in the future. It also highlights the benefits of combining arts and science; it increases innovation.