Nandita Mukand

Master of Art curatorship

What does it mean to pursue a successful career? Learn more with Nandita Mukand as she talks about this according to her experiences of switching back and forth between Art and Corporate.

Steve Lam

Partner at EY and leader of Advanced Cyber Security Systems

In a world where the only constant is change, in this talk, we will explore the dark world of hackers and cybercrime and why being flexible and accepting of change is an important skillset in protecting ourselves.

Anjali Gupta

Physician, Emergency Paediatrician

Yes, it’s definitely is time “to go back to the drawing board!”

Medical fraternity, scientists, policymakers, and economists clearly have their hands full. And so we…..as the larger community of this wonderful planet; too have a role to play! To do so effectively, we will need to look beyond personal battles, sorrows and deal with certain issues that may last longer than we anticipate.  Fear of unknown, lack of social interaction, restriction on freedom to do anything and everything that we could do in past, cancelled examinations and intermittent school absence, lack of holidays etc are to name a few.

How do we deal with this? We as modern day humans…will need to download a self-analyzing app in our minds that is switched on to auto-reboot, every time one feels low or failed on any aspect?! We will need to imbibe an ability to cleanse our mind and develop that courage not only to think for ourselves but others too. My aim today is to share with you …hopefully some meaningful experiences and personal changes that I incorporated into my routine that helped me to deal with challenges in last 20 months; as a frontliner. I hope to leave you with at least a few positive thoughts to ponder on; steering you towards recognition of inner strength and pride.

My vision best described by the first 2 lines of my favorite poem by Shri Rabindranath Tagore “Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high…Where knowledge is free, world has not broken up into fragments!”

Jayesh Menon

Country General Manager/Chief Representative at LVMH

The talk would focus on what I have seen, learned and experiences both at an organisational and personal level on how this pandemic has transformed the way we worked. I will quote examples both as an HR person who has seen this pandemic hit and what we did and what I have learned and managed while doing a totally new role as a business leader, and that too remotely. I will attempt to cover some paradigm shift in ways of thinking and doing.

Allan Forbes

Education has been difficult in the face of the restrictions of the pandemic and has had many consequences on students at Tanglin Trust School. In this talk, he will share with you his views on a framework for a successful education.


Join Mehar as he talks about neurodiversity and the need for us to go back to the drawing board in terms of our education system.


Women in STEM? Men in art? Join Sharbani as she talks about a need for reforming gender roles when it comes to the subjects and interest areas within our community.


Let us live in the moment… watch Matty talk about the need for changing our mindset as a community to enjoy and embrace every moment regardless of the acitivity.


The pandemic has been a hard time for everyone. But so has tests and exams. Join Isabella as she talks about staying determined through hardship and not being afraid of new situations or starting from the beginning.