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Gail Wong

Gail Wong

Gail Wong is a champion for all women who has dedicated her life to assisting women in their business ventures. Having previously been a Senior Associate for Morgan Stanley, a fortune 500 investment banking company, she quickly acquired the skills she would eventually use to advise people as she completed multi-billionaire mergers and acquisitions. Meanwhile, her international background spanning places such as New York, London and Singapore has allowed her to develop an appreciation for numerous cultures, thus allowing her to better help her international clients.

Upon returning to Singapore, she made use of these skills she had learned and co-founded the Ladies Investment Club (L.I.C), a self-funded investment club that focuses on helping female founded start-ups across Asia grow to their full potential. However, being the prime example of altruism she is, she also became an Activator for SheEOâ„¢, a global initiative that aims to revolutionize the way in which female entrepreneurs are financed, supported and celebrated. She does this by generously contributing her own money to a larger pool along with other likeminded individuals, which is then loaned out to women who are developing new mindsets, models and solutions to brighten the future.

Overall, Gail Wong is a leader, a coach, an entrepreneur and an activist driven by her passion for helping women.