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Malin Ostman

Malin Ostman

Malin Östman is an accomplished financial analyst, manager, researcher and a pioneer in the energy industry. Malin Östman not only has broken ground numerous times but has thrived in the diverse industries she has worked.

Malin has worked across multiple companies but started her early career with research with Syncous Oy. Syncous is finish based company that orchestrate ecosystems across industries. One of their goals is promoting lower carbon cities and looks at the four pillars of city planning, urban transport, green buildings and renewable resources. A Suncous Oy Malin also wrote a thesis about ecosystem emergence and cooperation networks whilst working on client projects with strategic change and network orchestration.

Ms. Östman has further displayed her expertise as an Associate at The Boston Consulting Group. There she worked in strategy development, profit uplift and post-merger integration projects across multiple industries and companies.

Currently Malin Östman is a Manager, Project development at Wärtsilä where she has worked for 6 years. At Wärtsilä Ms. Östman initially started as a financial analyst working on a global community for the Pro forma financial modeling of independent power producer projects. Her numerous responsibilities ranged from, financial structuring to strategy development. Since then she has continued to develop Independent Power Producer projects becoming a lead developer and responsible for projects in Europe and Africa. After resounding success with those projects Ms. Östman is developing Independent power project in Asia and the Middle east with an emphasis on energy Storage and Hybrid power plant projects.